This is a call to researchers to pledge to use their skills and science for good. By taking the Researcher's Pledge, you pledge to the following:

  • I commit to making my research open and accessible to the general public;

  • I commit to making my methodology inclusive, to the best of my ability;

  • I commit to being transparent in my methodology and biases;

  • I commit to holding journalists and researchers accountable for flawed or misrepresented data;

  • I commit to holding high standards for peer review, both for my own research and the research I cite;

  • I commit to collaborating across disciplines to conduct research beyond the confines of the Ivory Tower;

  • I commit to educating and empowering my community to understand and interpret data and science;

  • I commit to adhering to strict ethical standards that protect and prioritize the safety of the subjects of my research;

  • I commit to using my research to enlighten, educate, and inform.

Above all, I commit to using the research process and scientific method for good.