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I'm Ashley Warren, and I love teaching people how to research.

I'm a research specialist, and I've worked with writers, genealogists, and scholars all over the world. Whether it's searching for hard-to-find databases on the web, sleuthing through dusty libraries, editing dissertations, or writing guides and e-courses, I'm your one-stop-shop for research!

The Citizen's Guide to Research: A Practical Guide to Understanding Research in the Era of Big Data

AWR Services

For Writers

Let's create a unique, custom research plan for your book or story. I will investigate and fact-check the people, places, dates and societies that are part of your stories, so you can focus on the writing.


For Academics

I offer thesis and dissertation editing, research consulting, citation expertise, and one-on-one academic mentorship for college and graduate students and academics.


For Genealogists

I will serve as a personal guide through your history. We'll compile your family tree and delve into the historical settings in which your relatives lived, so you can have a fuller picture of who you are and where you come from.


For Creatives

Working on a creative project that requires a researcher? Let's collaborate so I can find the data and information you need for your podcast, or blog, or cookbook...

“If you’re ever looking for a researcher, I highly recommend Ashley Warren. She made life easy for me on a few critical points of 1910-era research and can do the same for you.”

— Amelia Gray, author of Isadora, AM/PM, Museum of the Weird, THREATS, and Gutshot


Genealogy 101

An Introduction to Genealogy | E-Course



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